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Using state of the art equipment, Dr. Kanodia’s med spa can help you enhance your facial vitality and tackle any of those hard wrinkle lines. Schedule a free consultation today.
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Everyone wants beautiful glowing skin, sometimes we just need a little help getting there. Let our team of professionals help enhance your skin glow and fight off pesky aging issues. Skin care is key at our med spa. Our staff is trained to use only the best techniques and equipment.
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Tightening your body and sculpting it to perfection isn’t an infomercial anymore. The anti-aging technology is here and our staff can melt the fat away using the latest and greatest med spa equipment. Our body services are all certified and clinically tested.

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Our Beverly Hills Medspa offers treatments to both keep your hair or get rid of it, depending on your situation. Laser hair removal is a quick 15-minute session, and we promise you’re going to love the results. Book a laser hair removal treatment today.


Dr. Kanodia and Nurse Karla are the Los Angeles medical spa premier aesthetic enhancement duo. With Dr. Kanodia’s decades in the field and Nurse Karla’s patient and steady techniques, there’s a reason why celebrities choose us as their preferred medical treatments center.

Dr. Kanodia and Nurse Karla have been at the forefront of Beverly Hills medical treatments and skincare for years. Service and care is specifically tailored for our clients needs.

· Facial Contouring

We customize our injections to perfectly enhance and achieve the look that the client wants. Enhancing the face using contouring fillers instead of surgical procedures is something that Dr. Kanodia has been perfecting for years.

 · Lip Enhancement

One of our most popular medical cosmetic treatments is our Lip Enhancement injections. Dr. Kanodia and Nurse Karla go with a minimalistic approach to lip enhancement to keep a subtle and natural look. Lip Enhancements today can be extremely overdone resulting in the infamous “duck lip” look. By using the thinnest filler possible, we strive to maintain the natural movement of the lips.

· Emsculpt Body Sculpting

One of the hottest treatments in Beverly Hills today is the Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatment. This treatment has been a client favorite this year and it’s popularity continues to grow with the wave of body sculpting treatments becoming mainstream. Using HIFEM technology, the Emsculpt machine sends ultra powerful energy contractions into the deep muscle tissue forcing the muscle to involuntarily contract and resulting in fantastic body sculpting results.

· Clear and Brilliant at our Medspa

Also considered a fan favorite, the clear and brilliant laser in our Beverly Hills Medspa location is one of the highest rated laser service available. A diode laser in the clear and brilliant replaces the damaged skin with younger and more vibrant tissue while continued service over time is meant to enhance the beauty and make the skin revitalized.

· Fractora Laser

Known as the neck/jowl tightening laser, the fractora laser is the chosen alternative to operations to tighten facial jowls. Using radio frequency energy the fractora laser delivers a thermal energy to the skin to improve the tone, tightness and overall look of the facial skin. When applied to deeper tissue areas like the neck and facial muscles, it results in the tightening of the neck and jowl muscles themselves.

With a wide varity of treatments from Emsculpt Body Sculpting to Contouring Fillers, our Beverly Hills MedSpa is a trusted provider of the best cosmetic procedures in the world. Kanodia Medspa is 2019’s hottest new treatment facility. Our staff has decades of medical experience and would love to take the time to enhance your med spa experience.

CELEBRITY favorites


The first and only device which simultaneously delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat all major contributing factors to cellulite.


An innovative skin rejuvenation procedure that combines micro needling with radio-frequency energy to contour the face and body.


Clear and Brilliant Laser will leave your skin softer, fresher, glowing, and radiant for any major event or for maintaining daily skin goals.


Prices vary from procedure to procedure. We offer exclusive pricing on bundled treatments. If you have specific questions about a treatment just give our office a call.

That’s totally fine. Once you book a consultation and come in. The nurse or the doctor will go over your options with you and recommend a procedure they think best suits you.
You can either call us during our working hours or hit that schedule a consultation button in the bottom right of your screen if you’re ready to book.

If you’re looking to book a consultation or get more info about a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Kanodia. Visit our Rhinoplasty Site and fill out a form!

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