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Anti-aging botox

Anti-Aging Botox Beverly Hills

Our Anti-aging Botox is customized to each patients need to rejuvenate the face without freezing the face or dropping the brows! We maintain movement critical to facial expression while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

During your consultation, we evaluate your face as a whole to create a customized experience unique to your anatomical needs and personal cosmetic goals. All of our treatments are tailored around our mantra of “Safety First,” with the aim of meaningful improvements without complications. We routinely combine multiple therapies to obtain optimal results.

Ideal Candidates

Age 25+ with concerns of fine lines or wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

Microinjections of customized Botox are injected with a painless technique in areas of concern. We analyze the face as a whole and preserve motion while decreasing the signs of aging. We customize our Botox treatments with specific lasers and fillers which complement your face to attain the best result.

Treatment Details

Each treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Effects of Botox last 3-4 months. We recommend repeating the Botox treatments every 3-4 months for optimal results. Injections are painless and safe. There is no downtime.

Before & After

These photos demonstrate the preservation of movement with our artistically placed botox. Properly placed Botox is not meant to freeze the face, but simply to reduce lines and wrinkles, while preserving expressions.

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