Beverly Hills Lip fillers are hands down one of the most popular procedures women go for out here in Los Angeles. Plump and sexy lips is a trend all year round. Some ladies tend to go a little overboard, but a tasteful, natural look is a way to go! Dr. Kanodia has many clients in Beverly Hills who rely only on him because of his very minimalistic and subtle approach. You will still look like you, just enhanced! Who would not love that?

One thing that most women choose to ignore is the fact that you should start small; you can always get fillers topped up! It is easier to gradually add more rather than diving head-first, without having time to think about the wants and needs carefully and responsibly! The best part about getting lip fillers is that the procedure itself is super quick, and you notice the results almost instantly!

Dr. Kanodia looks at any procedure as details added to an authentic art piece – he is all about subtlety and minimalistic changes that enhance your natural beauty instead of covering and changing the original masterpiece completely. Beverly Hills lip fillers are one of those procedures that any surgeon should perform with a tasteful approach. It is your face that is being sculpted – therefore, it is crucial to treat it with good care and respect.

“Duck lips” are so not in style anymore… Plastic surgery or any type of body-related alterations are so popular in today’s society that people have developed an eye for quickly noticing an overdone look. Today’s plastic procedures are more about minimalism and enhancing that natural beauty. That is why Dr. Kanodia is the best in this field; he deeply cares about his patient’s needs and wants, but never hesitates to correct you if he thinks you are going a little overboard. Surgeon and client open communication is crucial if both parties want the best possible results.

Beverly Hills Lip Fillers. How Does It Feel?

beverly hills lip fillers

Lip fillers are a virtually painless procedure that lasts approximately 30 minutes, followed by results that last 9-12 months! Dr. Kanodia’s technique is focused on lifting your natural muscles up to the skin rather than “filling” the area under the skin. The “filling” usually results in an irregular and unnatural appearance, and who would ever want that?

Before booking Beverly Hills lip fillers appointment, make sure you do your research and not go for any extreme changes. During your consultation, a well-trained and experienced professional such as Dr. Kanodia will evaluate your face as a whole and create a customized experience based on your anatomical and personal needs. Safety always comes first, so be prepared to start small so there are no complications. The goal is to make the lip fillers seamless and easy, as well as leave you satisfied and more confident than ever.

Hopping on social media and checking out what is on there can always be helpful. It is a great tool to use when you need inspirations, security, and overall more knowledge regarding the procedure you wish to experience. Another useful thing is comparing the work of various surgeons and picking the best one for your personal needs. Every surgeon, every “artist” is different, therefore make sure you make the right move by weighing the pros and cons of their work.

Dr. Kanodia is the most respected surgeon with the largest clientele that never disappoints. He believes in open communication, many consultation sessions, so he can build a unique treatment plan for your authentic personal needs. Lip fillers can be a whole new different, electrifying and well-appreciated experience if it is done by someone who approaches your natural beauty with care and respect.