Neck Botox

We’ve heard about botox for years now and frankly it’s only gotten better with time. The wide range of cosmetic injectable procedures now can treat anything from frown lines to neck muscle tightening. Yeah, you heard that right. The muscles in your neck can become quite strained and stretched from clenching your jaw over the years. Dr. Kanodia’s injections into the neck muscles can greatly improve the look of those annoying neck lines. See image below

cosmetic injectable botox procedure

Cosmetic Injectable Treatments. Knowing How Much

In this industry you’ll find that some doctors don’t treat facial cosmetic injections with the finesse that they should. In many cases with Botox, less is more. It’s not necessary to always inject more and more, a subtle injection can make all the difference. Dr. Kanodia treats his patients with the objective of refining and perfecting the beauty that already exists. Our procedures have garnered the attention of Hollywood’s biggest stars and they’re flocking to Kanodia Medspa to see how beneficial the treatment actually is.

Preventative Measures

There’s a giant misconception that cosmetic injectable treatments are purely for middle age to older women. The truth is girls as young as 21 can benefit from minor treatments that can tackle problem lines or muscle spots. Injections can be an amazing preventative measure as to not strain the facial muscles and skin and cause annoying problems later in age. Check out some of our past youtube videos to see how Dr. Kanodia’s philosophy is implemented. One strong point of emphasis is that movement is critical. We have all seen bad injections where the patient looks quite unnatural. We strive to get the most natural and minimal effects while drastically improving the problem areas.