Emsculpt Near Me?..Right In The Heart of Beverly Hills.

There’s a common misconception currently around the use case of body sculpting machines like Emsculpt. Companies like BTL have invested tons of money into doing studies and finding incredible patient results. You may know them from other products such as the BTL Vanquish. If you think that your body already looks decent enough and you don’t really need this treatment, well that’s where you’re mistaken. Based on our clients, roughly 40% have less than 15% body fat. So here come’s the tricky part. Why are fit people using the treatment when they obviously look great already?

Which Muscles?

The latest iterations of the emsculpt beverly hills machine is available at our medspa. This machine has paddles that strap on to your muscles nice and tight and force stimulations that will make you feel amazing. The most popular location it’s used is on the abdominal area, because everyone is dying for those abs. Pesky love handles can also be minified using a paddle on each side and stimulating the muscles and reducing the fat on your hips and waist.

Recently you can see our very own Dr.Kanodia using the stimulations on his arms, we see you doc! Our clients absolutely love what the emsculpt near me machine does for their booty. Wether you need a solid butt lift or you’re just dealing with a little lack of size. Emsculpt is ideal for giving your glutes the full and firmness you always hoped and dreamed for.

Is Emsculpt Just For Show?

When attached to your arms or claves for a treatment, the emsculpt machine not only enhances the aesthetic contour of the muscles, it actually increases the strength of that muscle through the contractions. So guys who are looking for that definition in their upper arms? Here’s the secret.

emsculpt beverly hills abs

Trainers and sports nutritionists far and wide will tell you that abs are made in the kitchen. Well, that is partially true but there’s also something they won’t tell you. To get those abs to really show and be pronounced like all of your favorite Instagram influencers, you need to have a strong core. Core workouts can vary from deadlifts to squats to abdominal crunches.

To be able to stimulate that core with HIFEM technology and force contractions that are only attained with hours in the gym, you can see why this could be appealing to athletes and folks that are in shape. They know the grueling hours it takes to get their abs to just be visible, let alone have a six pack. With the latest innovations in med-tech, athletes and common folk alike can forego the thousands of sit ups and just search emsculpt near me to find Kanodia Medspa.



How Many?

The most common question our patients ask us is.. Will I see results after just one session or Where is there an Emsculpt near me? Well, it’s not such a simple answer. Some clients have bodies that are much more receptive to stimulating treatments and they can see results right away. Traditionally this would be a patient with just a bit of belly fat on the lower abdomen region. That being said, the ideal session count is 4.

4 sessions done in a short timeframe is what the research has concluded to produce the best results in clients. Allowing the muscle to heal for a brief amount of time and then attacking it immediately within a few days is what has shown to be the most affective. We’re constantly putting our clients on our stories so if you want to see the machine work in the wild come check out our instagram and shoot us an email if you want to know more!