Emsculpt Price. What’s The Deal?

Emsculpt is that hot new treatment that all of your friends and favorite influencers are trying. We are constantly getting flooded with questions about this machine and if it is just a gimmick. The machine is growing in popularity with celebs and fitness people because the results speak for themselves. The concept of having a machine that can replicate thousands of crunches or squats, is quite revolutionary.
Emsculpt results do vary between patients but don’t worry, we take before and afters to hold the machine accountable. Talk to a nurse about emsculpt price today!

Emsculpt Results. Is it actually working?

emsculpt price. emsculpt results
It’s important to know that the company behind the emsculpt machine has been doing this for years. BTL has been a pioneer in the body aesthetics game and we have been working with them for years.
Emsculpt results are now going to be amazing because we are bringing in a second machine with all of the latest and greatest technology that BTL has to offer. Emsculpt price is dependent on how many treatments you would like but they recommend four as the magic number.
The new paddles can not only hit the butt, legs and abs. They have the smaller retro fit now that can stimulate growth in the arms as well. So basically now you can increase the muscle density and grow the muscle in the arm, which before was sort of unheard of.
The emsculpt results amazed Dr. Kanodia so much he saw it fit to purchase another machine for the medspa. Dr. Kanodia has built his legacy using only the finest equipment and the most cutting edge products. The doctor uses the emsculpt machine regularly, if you go check out our instagram you can catch him working his thighs and arms!


Who’s It Good For?

  • Individuals that are looking to get rid of problem areas where the fat is stubborn
  • Athletes who want to take their muscle stimulation into overdrive
  • Women or Men who need tightening of the glutei muscles and getting a better butt
  • Anyone that wants to look good
The emsculpt results in an extreme muscle stimulation environment that allows the muscle to grow in density and tone. In other words, that extreme burn that you get at the gym or hiking up a hill. That sort of intense condition is emulated using electronic stimulation and makes the brain think that you are doing crunches or squats. The machine sends HIFEM lasers into the muscles and forces contractions like you’ve never felt.
Our clients walk out of a session feeling insanely good. As if they were walking out of an intense workout session. The average person only activates roughly 20% of their muscle contractions during workouts. For reference, a highly fit athlete can activate in the 40-50% range. These supramaximal contractions activate 100% of those contractions.
It is impossible to activate at that level without assisted stimulation using the emsculpt machine. Thirty minutes with the emsculpt machine stimulates the release of your natural growth hormone which in turn helps build the muscle back up.


Supra Muscular Contractions. What Are They?

It’s the latest and greatest in the world of electronic muscle stimulation. We have patients come in for at least two sessions and they are hitting the aesthetic goals they were dying to get during the pre-summer workout session. We are extremely excited to see how well this is working on all of our patients and Dr. Kanodia and his team could not be happier.
When you look good you feel even better and our goal is to help you achieve that peak confidence no matter what. Call or book online and one of our nurses will get you setup with your first session today. Emsculpt price can be discussed with our front desk.