Body Sculpting

We have been waiting for this moment for years. I can eat whatever I want and not have to go to do those grueling gym sessions just to hopefully get my abs. Right? Well not quite, but we’re getting close. With the new Emsculpt body sculpting machine, we are able to help you remodel and melt the fat that is sitting on top of your muscle.

This procedure is fantastic for melting away those trouble fat spots like your abdominals and your buttocks. We’re gonna try not to get super geeky here, but heres the jist of it. Our body can’t technically produce certain muscle contractions voluntarily. Instead we use a machine called Emsculpt to force involuntary muscle contractions and force the muscle to adapt to what it perceives as “extreme conditions”. This is done through a cutting edge technology called HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic).



This thing is intense, and it works your muscles hard! It uses electromagnetic treatment to force the contractions of the muscle that we discussed above. During each 30-minute session, EMSCULPT sends pulses of HIFEM energy into the area you’re treating. The energy triggers thousands of intense muscle contractions in your target areas. In each session, you can experience the equivalent of up to 20,000 crunches or squats. Studies also show that EMSCULPT reaches more muscles than traditional workouts — 95% of the abdominal muscles, compared to 35% in an average exercise. 


Emsculpt Treatment Details

Emsculpt is most effective when it is done within a few days of each other and the parent company BTL recommends that a minimum of four treatments be done. Some people are looking for a one and done solution and I wish we could offer it but currently they say four is the magic number.

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Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatment Emsculpt Hifem Dr Kanodia Pictures

Let’s all be honest, we have been waiting far too long for the newest technological breakthrough to melt fat. The year is 2019 and we have arrived at the state of the art technology that does just that. I know what you could be thinking, this sounds like some sort of gimmick. Just do some quick research on it and see why celebrities and influencers are flocking to this machine to get their body toned. Nurse Karla will make the whole process go by extremely smooth.

So Why Bodysculpting?

The clients that come in for body sculpting range rom bodybuilders to models. No matter your body type, body sculpting is beneficial. Some women like to come in and have their butt lift like the images above. Some just like to tighten their core and pronounce their abdominals for a photo shoot. Same goes for the men, the visible difference in muscle tone and definition take them weeks of gym time to accomplish. Traditionally in the past treatments such as fat melting have been regarded by the fitness industry as snake oil and lacked any real science. Well the science has caught up to the treatments and the result is a machine that send highly focused electromagnets through your muscles. 

The Future

The improvements in the technology and the science are only going to get better and more affective. As it stands, Dr. Kanodia and the nurses at Kanodia Medspa are at the forefront of the latest tech. Our nurses attend scientific conferences around the world and source the latest innovations to bring to our offices. The days of melting away all that junk food you ate over the weekend are not quite here but we’re getting closer and closer.