Skin Care 1
Our Anti-aging Botox is customized to each patients need to rejuvenate the face without freezing the face or dropping the brows! We maintain movement critical to facial expression while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Skin Care 2
The Plasma MD Pen is a non-invasive beauty treatment that can improve the appearance of a range of skin concerns, including wrinkles and lines, stretch marks and acne scars. Kanodia Medspa offers this skin rejuvenation treatment at our Beverly Hills location, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and cosmetic benefits for yourself.
Skin Care 3
KYBELLA® is a prescription medicine used in adults to melt and kill unwanted fat in problem areas such as the double chin, love handles, inner thighs and bra fat. During your consultation, we evaluate your face and body as a whole to create a customized experience unique to your anatomical needs and personal cosmetic goals.

Skin Procedures Can Revitalize Your Look

With advanced medical techniques and perfected practices, skin procedures are the new age defying cure. Botox pioneered the skin procedure, others are now perfecting it. From injections to advanced medical lasers, visible aging will be a thing of the past.