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TempSure Firm

Tempsure® Firm is the new gold standard skin firming treatment recently FDA Cleared for body skin firming and tightening. Tempsure® Firm is designed for many body areas. It can firm up the skin, tighten it, improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and sagginess. It is super quick, effective , painless and has no downtime!

Tempsure® Firm is perfect for the following body areas to improve the skin appearance:

Frequently asked questions

TempSure Firm is a cellulite treatment that uses a combination of radiofrequency heat along with a specialized massage head to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.
The combination of radiofrequency heating and a specialized massage head work together, temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. The result? Skin appears to be more youthful and evenly textured.
Everyone is different. Most patients need anywhere from 5 to 8 treatments depending on the condition of your skin and what area is being treated.
Treatments are FAST! Typically, five minutes per area. Just five minutes for a full abdomen and ten minutes for both thighs.
No! In fact, patients report a spa-like deep warming sensation during their treatments, similar to a massage.